Pre-Owned Toyota SUVs & Crossovers




From the legendary Land Cruiser, which dates back to 1951, to the smallest and newest Toyota utility vehicle, the C-HR, the auto industry’s most dependable manufacturer has always offered a solid lineup of SUVs and crossovers. Nearly every driver out there has use for the practical functions and space that utility vehicles offer, and many prefer the increased view of the road that the higher stance gives them. But some who have a crossover or SUV on their wish list may not have the budget for a brand-new one.

The good news for that segment of buyers is that the simple choice of buying used can put one of these Toyota utility vehicles within their reach – even the extra-large and luxurious Sequoia. And with Toyota’s remarkable reputation for quality, dependability, and long life, you can be confident that you’ll get many years of pleasure out of that preowned vehicle. Toyota boasts longstanding excellence in customer satisfaction and high resale value, as rated by trusted impartial sources, including Kelley Blue Book. Let’s delve a little further into why buying one secondhand is a wise consideration.


Be a Part of the Toyota Sport-Utility Legend

There’s quite an enthusiastic following – a culture, really – behind these capable and well-crafted vehicles. Vintage Land Cruisers (especially pre-1990 versions, with their boxy body style) are highly sought-after, with models in good condition commanding high prices. Even the FJ Cruiser, which ceased production in 2014, is now in great demand, with a fervent following that’s practically cult-like. In fact, the Toyota brand makes frequent appearances on the lists of vehicles that owners keep longer than 10 – or even 15 – years. That says a ton about build quality and customer approval.

Aside from those examples, which fall more into collector territory, a late-model Toyota SUV or crossover, such as a RAV4 or 4Runner, offers a foot in the door for the adventure-seeking buyer with a budget. Those who need to transport a small crowd can look to the Highlander, in either the conventional gasoline-only or eco-friendly hybrid version. Most of Toyota’s utility lineup offers all-wheel or four-wheel drive, with the strictly front-wheel-drive C-HR the exception. Some of them – the FJ Cruiser and 4Runner, for example – can even be found with the rare manual transmission if you look back far enough.

Great Savings

The most noticeable savings will be on the lot, where the sticker prices on preowned Toyota crossovers and SUVs will make you smile. What’s not to love about driving off in a vehicle that someone else has broken in for you, as you save thousands of dollars off the original MSRP? But the extra dollars in your pocket won’t end there: your used Toyota utility vehicle will also cost less to insure. And if you live in an area with excise tax, that bill will be smaller, too, since the vehicle has already gone through its most dramatic depreciation the minute it was first driven off the lot by its original buyer.