Jeb Balise Meets Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation

On a recent trip to Toyota Corporate Headquarters in Japan, Balise Motor Sales President Jeb Balise had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda, honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation.  Dr. Toyoda conferred to Balise the relentless pursuit of elevating the bar on quality and safety in every vehicle Toyota builds.

Balise was impressed by Dr. Toyoda's driving force to hit quality levels never seen before.  Balise also noted the sacrifices being made by the company at all levels.  None of the company's offices were air conditioned despite temperatures over 90 degrees.  Due to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last year, the nation is still recovering from a loss of power generation.  In addition the company has mandated that it will use no nuclear generated power, highlighting their concerns for the safety of their workers, as well as the cars they build.

Jeb Balise is one of 12 people on the Toyota National Dealer Council, representing Toyota dealers from the New England region.

Dr. Toyoda served as president of Toyota Motor Corporation from 1982 to 1992, and as chairman from 1992 to 1999.
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